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Jantin Sports nutrition

The Jantin® nutrition product line is available under the exclusive distribution of KI Pharma Alliance GmbH who has also designed, tested and perfected it. Historically, the name of Pharmavision GmbH, has been closely linked to the highest quality pharmaceutical products. Starting with the controlled use of shared resources to finished pharmaceutical preparation.
Particularly important for resellers is the positive evaluation of all products by the renowned laboratory Eurofins. This means that all products are readily marketable without any restrictions in terms of all applicable Austrian and European laws and regulations. Particularly the national declaration verification, the test according to the Austrian Codex Alimentarius, as well as a thorough review of international declaration like e. g. the Regulation (EU) No 1924/2006 "Health Claims" (the strict compliance to this regulation has been controlled by consumer advocates in the EU member states in rather close detail lately).

ALl JANTIN® sports nutrition products are specifically designed to the nutritional needs of elite athletes but also suitable for amateurs. The pharmaceutical grade and quality of the ingredients makes these products especially well tolerated by young athletes and even children, who are active at a very young age in competitive sports.

So we can support athletes at any age with the necessary support to make talent to winners with this new highly specialized sports nutrition.
The following attributes set us apart from the competition, here you have already won:

  • Manufacturing according to GMP standards in pharmaceutical quality
  • Guaranteed free of all substances from the WADA Prohibited List
  • Innovative formulations and packaging
  • Excellent value for money
  • Sophisticated flavors
  • positive evaluation of all products by the renowned laboratory Eurofins
Gain confidence in your power - JANTIN® nutrition is here to help you!

Dipl.Kfm. Joerg Kloppert
Managing Director
KI Pharma Alliance GmbH and
Owner of the JANTIN® brand name.