Whey Plus

This product is a high quality protein supplement for a rapid supply of the athletes body with 104-graded whey protein after a workout. Substantially this instant drink is mainly composed of cold processed micro filtered whey protein concentrate and some maltodextrin. The athlete gets what is needed by the metabolism - no more, no less.



- Contains cold processed ultra filtered whey protein 80 - not produced by chemical ion exchange!
- By this gentle filtration all the valuable constituents of the whey protein are retained
- High protein content: 80 g protein per 100 g of the product
- Almost 20 g BCAAs per 100 g protein
- Little carbohydrates and almost no fat (if mixed with water)
- Guaranteed free of aspartame
- Has a pleasant, smooth taste
- Mixes well and does not clump
- Hardly thickens to ensure rapid nutrient absorption
- Supports development of lean muscle mass and body strength
- Increases the relative efficiency (watt / kg body weight)
- Supports fat reduction for achieving / obtaining the optimal competition weight
- Guaranteed to be free of all substances on the WADA prohibited list


The main component of JANTIN® Whey Plus whey protein concentrate is 80% whey protein concentrate. The product is intended to be a "post-workout meal" (to be consumed in the "anabolic window" immediately after exercise) with an average gastrointestinal transit of less than 30 minutes (when prepared with water). The amount of carbohydrates contained is intended to initiate the necessary insulin peak that supports the immediate protein absorption. This is ideal to allow a rapid supply of the muscles with this highest quality nutrient. Thanks to the low sugar content, the drink is also suitable during diet phases.


Cold processed ultra filtered whey protein concentrate (WPC 80), dextrose, citric acid (E330), guar gum (E412), acesulfame potassium (E950), sucralose (E955), soy lecithin (E322) , flavor

Amino acid profile:

Essential amino acids Non essential amino acids
Phenylalanine 4,11 g Glutamic acid 18,32 g
Isoleucine* 4,66 g Aspartic acid 10,31 g
Leucine* 9,64 g Serine 4,90 g
Lysine 7,75 g Proline 6,57 g
Methionine 1,98 g Glycine 2,60 g
Threonine 4,30 g Alanine 4,08 g
Tryptophan 1,80 g Cysteine 2,82 g
Valine* 5,03 g Tyrosine 3,66 g
    Histidine 2,64 g
*) BCAAs   Arginine 4,74 g


Nutrition facts:

per 100 g per serving
(33g + ¼l Water)
Energy 388 kCal 130 kCal
Protein 80 g 27 g
Carbohydrates 12 g 4 g
of which sugars 10 g 3,3 g
Fat 7 g 2,3 g
of which saturated 4g 1,3 g
Cholesterol 220 mg 73 mg
Dietary fibers 0 g 0 g
Sodium 200 mg 67 mg
Water < 7 g 250 ml


Allergy statement:

May contain traces of gluten. Contains milk protein, lactose and soy.
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