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Meal Replacement Plus, 750g

This tasty, satiating shake from best milk protein concentrate (TMP, Total Milk Protein) helps the athlete to go through phases of reduced-calorie diets with ease. Feelings of hunger are satisfied for a very long time and the body is fueled by high quality protein and provided all essential vitamins and dietary minerals.



- Contains all essential vitamins and dietary minerals
- Only 228 kilo calories per serving (with 250ml skimmed milk, even less with water)
- Made of top quality milk protein concentrate TMP (Total Milk Protein)
- Thickens well to quickly provide a good satiation
- Less than 2 g of fat per 100 g
- Contains more than 20g BCAAs per 100g protein
- Tasty vanilla flavor
- Mixes well and does not clump
- Contains methyl cellulose for long lasting satiety
- Keeps your muscles in shape during dieting phases
- Guaranteed to be free of all substances on the WADA prohibited list


Jantin® Meal Replacement Plus diet drink is ideal for athletes who want to have a negative energy balance to achieve weight reduction but still need to unleash their full potential. The product is perfect for all sports where performance is evaluated by division in weight classes like weightlifting, grappling, boxing, martial arts and the like. Another main purpose is in sports where an optimal power to weight ratio is key like trail or mountain running or in mountain biking as well as for alpine stages or uphill time trials in road cycling. High quality milk protein is available for the metabolism and a low carbohydrate density supports a quick reduction of body fat. This protein meal replacement drink can thereby quicken the efforts of the consumers in reducing their weight rather well. Any deficiency states are reliably avoided by the balanced composition of micro and macro nutrients. This way the athlete has full power on tap at every practice or competition, although his energy balance is negative.

According to the EU Health Claims this product is classified as "Instant powder for preparation of meals for a weight controlling nutrition". This product is very well suitable for non-athletes who want to loose weight in a fast and save way too.


Milk protein concentrate (TMP), guar gum (E412), methyl cellulose (E461), dextrose, soy lecithin (E322), flavor, sodium chloride, magnesium oxide, L. Carnitin, ascorbic acid, ferrous fumarate, zinc citrate, manganese gluconate, nicotinamide, tocopherolsuccinate, vitamin A, selenomethionine, calcium pantothenate, copper gluconate, potassium iodide, biotin 2%, folic acid, pyridoxine HCL, vitamin K1, thiamine HCL, riboflavin, sodium molybdenate, chromium chloride, vitamin B12

Amino acid profile:

Essential amino acids Non essential amino acids
Phenylalanine 4,65 g Glutamic acid 19,48 g
Isoleucine* 4,96 g Aspartic acid 7,06 g
Leucine* 9,30 g Serine 5,71 g
Lysine 7,40 g Proline 6,69 g
Methionine 2,75 g Glycine 2,06 g
Threonine 4,73 g Alanine 3,31 g
Tryptophan 1,11 g Cysteine 1,28 g
Valine* 5,84 g Tyrosine 4,61 g
    Histidine 2,74 g
*) BCAAs   Arginine 3,25 g


Nutrition facts:

per 100 g per serving
(1 scoop + ¼l skimmed milk 2%)
Energy 388 kCal 209 kCal
Protein 68 g 25,5 g
Carbohydrates 21 g 17,25 g
of which sugars 21 g 17,25 g
Fat 1,75 g 4,44 g
of which saturated0,55g 1,47 g
Dietary fibers 3 g 0,75 g
Sodium 300 mg 185 mg
Vitamin and dietary mineral profile:
Vitamin A 904 mcg 251 mcg
Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) 1,30 mg 0,40 mg
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 3,10 mg 1,05 mg
Vitamin B3 (Niacin) 20 mg 5 mg
Vitamin B6 1,58 mg 0,50 mg
Vitamin B11 (Folic acid) 227 mcg 69 mcg
Vitamin B12 2,7 mcg 0,68 mcg
Vitamin C 97,3 mg 29,3 mg
Vitamin D 6,20 mcg 1,55 mcg
Vitamin E 14,92 mg 3,72 mg
Biotin 56,20 mcg 14,10 mcg
Vitamin B5 (Panthotene) 6,78 mg 1,70 mg
Vitamin K1 85 mcg 21,30 mcg
Ca 2190 mg 857 mg
P 1330 mg 572 mg
K 398 mg 500 mg
Mg 458 mg 139 mg
Fe 16,40 mg 4,11 mg
Zn 19,80 mg 6,21 mg
Cu 1,42 mg 0,48 mg
Se 62 mcg 19 mcg
I 169 mcg 42,26 mcg
Mn 2,36 mg 0,64 mg
Cr 45,50 mcg 11,40 mcg
Mb 56,60 mcg 14,20 mcg
L. Carnitin 250 mg 67 mg


Allergy statement:

May contain traces of gluten. Contains milk protein, lactose and soy.

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